What is That “Secret” to Success?


It comes in all shapes and sizes. It seems to always include one common ingredient: hard work. I am thrilled with some recent victories and grateful to be a part of them.


It was the day Los Angeles got rained on in droves.  To get to court we had to take the train as the freeways were flooded. My client had waited years for this day.  The case had dragged on for far too long for all of the reasons that can cause that to happen: many complicated assets to sort through, other lawsuits, court delays due to budget cuts.

The forensic accountants and attorneys were ready to litigate it all: to fight for what his/her client was entitled to. We had spent more than two years preparing for this day. I was excited for the fight.

A magical thing happened: we were assigned an excellent judge who had all the time we needed. The parties were ready: ready to accept less than what they thought they deserved or ready to pay more than they thought they should pay. The parties were ready to listen. The judge was realistic, fair, and exceptionally kind.

It settled. The parties were visibly relieved.


I love running. I love to “just do it,” watch it, and cheer for it. This race was thrilling for a very special reason.

Matt enjoying the raceMatt enjoying the race

My nephew and godson, Matt, came from New York to run the Marathon.  He is finishing law school and is employed at a firm in New York City where he works primarily on family law cases. To say we have much in common is an understatement.

Nephew was humble and happy and very grateful that his Mom and I were there with signs and cheers and tears shed in his honor. He patiently tolerates our need to constantly tell him how much we adore him.

Matt never mentioned how hard he had trained in frigid temperatures and all the early mornings he spent at a torture chamber known as Boot Camp, or how he somehow manages to fit this all in between law school classes and his fulltime job.

Matt is just there to run fast. He is remarkably good at it.  He finished 598th out of more than 21,000 runners. Is his Aunt proud? Heck yes.


That one common ingredient really is the ticket to success. Victory comes after lots of hard work and dedication, followed by more hard work and dedication.
Congratulations to my client and to Matt. Enjoy your victories. They were very well earned. Thank you for letting me share in your glory.