Divorce is a Riddle

Our knowledge, just for you.

I am using this blog to tell you what I have learned after more than 30 years as a California divorce attorney. This is not intended to be legal advice as it would be impossible for me to responsibly offer you the specific advice you will need.

I am hoping when you read this you will know that this thing called “divorce” has no power of its own. It does not define you and cannot alter who you are. Your spirit will survive despite some gut-wrenching challenges.

The anecdotes I will share with you are ones I have pieced together from handling thousands of divorces. I have represented writers, teachers, ministers, salespeople, very famous, very simple, rocket scientists, stay-at-home dads, stay-at-home moms, dot-com phenoms, former priests, costume designers, journalists, cello players, doctors, dancers, bookies, jockeys, and transgendered.

I have not met a divorce yet that is anything more than a riddle. Why is that important to know? It is key because riddles always have solutions.

So your divorce is not an endless set of undefined problems with no solutions. Quite the contrary. It is a problem or a set of “issues,” which is what lawyers are taught in law school to call problems. My job as a divorce lawyer is to learn all about that riddle and solve it.

I happen to like riddles, people, and a challenge.

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