11 Holiday Tips to Maintain Sanity (Whether You Are Divorcing or Not)

  1. Call your friend you have not talked to in forever.
  2. Volunteer. You know the drill. Your kids’ school, food bank, church. They are all waiting for you.
  3. Gifts. Give the barista and your dry cleaner $20.00 with a note from you. You will make their year.
  4. Go to the neighbors’ open house. They have complained all year about your sprinklers hitting their cars and their dog barks all night. Go anyway. You will have a good time.
  5. Take your kids to the beach. It’s a big hassle. It will be worth it.
  6. Take many naps.
  7. Go to the spinning class you fear.
  8. Have your last cigarette. It’s resolution time.
  9. Be with your siblings and parents. Just let it go. Watch Frozen.
  10. Clean one closet and give away a warm coat.
  11. Watch all the football you want.Congratulations! You have just survived the holidays. You did not have to conquer the world or your biggest fears. You did not have to do anything except show up for your life and celebrate it. That is more than enough.